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Douglas Dietrich claims image on Amazon publication is of his own mother

Douglas Dietrich publishes an image of cosplayer to Amazon claiming it is of his own mother: In fact, the image is owned (and likely copyrighted) by "YUEGENE FAY "

If Douglas Dietrich did not have the permission of "Fay" to publish the image and associate it with the sale of a "book" on then Dietrich has committed fraud and a violation of copyright and "Fay" should submit a copyright complaint to Amazon.

Dietrich has done this on multiple occasions using the work of Yuegene Fay and claiming it as his own, but this is the first time he has associated an image with an item being sold.  Dietrich is also being deceptive in his advertisement and promotion of the book by claiming the image is his own property (an "enhanced" photograph of his own mother)  and not the property of "Fay".  Dietrich has essentially stolen the image for his own purposes, very likely without the permission of  "Fay".  This is a violation of US Copyright law and possibly International Copyright Law.

"Yuegene Fay was born in Thailand on Monday, July 10, 1989 (Millennials Generation). She is 31 years old and is a Cancer. She also works as a costume and props maker, as well as a make-up artist. She started cosplaying in 2000. Yuegene Fay is a member of Richest Celebrities and Cosplayers."

"Yuegene Fay (born July 10, 1989) is famous for being cosplayer. She currently resides in Thailand. Award winning cosplayer who became an ambassador for Thai and Japanese cosplay in 2007, and a representative for World Cosplay Summit in 2009."

Friday, October 30, 2020

Response from David J West to the publication of "Red Undead"

The following is the response by author David J. West regarding Dietrich's claims of publishing the book "Red Undead" and it's subsequent "banning" by Amazon.


"I watched those three videos today, very interesting. I had my suspicions but had not done my due diligence. I first heard Douglas when he did Coast to Coast in December 2011 and was interested in what he had to say so I e-mailed him and he soon responded.

He always had so many things to say and was a fascinating person. He had an answer for almost anything. Granted, I did not check him out as you have done.

By 2013 I was divorced and moving on with life, courting my current wife. I was trying to change my life in a positive direction and had less time for Douglas's negative outlook. I would say that the things he said only grew more extreme and I was not always keen to those things.

I had worked on Red Undead in early 2012 to make it palatable to the public but I could not personally find it believable. It was interesting, yes, but like good historical fiction - which was the source of my original interest in Douglas.

I was upset with Lorien Fenton for trying to give me a cheap flat-rate for working on it, so I quit working on the edits of which Douglas was incredibly anal and ridiculous about. You clearly know how he writes and it's just not palatable to the lay audience.

As time went on I spent less and less time talking with him. He said a lot of things publicly that I didn't agree with and soon I felt it best to not have anything more to do with him.

I had to laugh about Doug's assertions about the book. He should know if it was ever published. It wasn't.

I had no idea he dreamt up the conspiracy about it until you showed it to me."

All the best,

David J. West

40 minutes ago

I️ had forgotten I️ had a link to Douglas’s site on my blog because I️ rarely visit it anymore.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Douglas Dietrich: "I was the first to expose the Bad SPN Codes" Lie

In a pathetic and disjointed response to my comments regarding his hatred of the US Military and veterans, in particular, Douglas Dietrich claims he "has done more for veterans than even Dannion Brinkley."

Dietrich cited his 2011 interview with John B Well on Coast To Coast AM as his being the first person to expose the use of "Severance Codes" or "SPNs" as harmful to veterans from 1947 to 1973.

Douglas Dietrich had absolutely nothing to do with "exposing" this alleged scandal.  The man who did, and was still involved in the issue was Edwin H. Crosby III. 

Spin Codes - Legal Action
By: Edwin Crosby

"The author of this story, Edwin Crosby, served in the USAF from 1966-1971.  He volunteered to go to Vietnam and served in MACVSOG, 15th Special Operations Squadron,  Nha Trang, AB,  RVN  from November 1968 to June 1970.

His lawsuit began in March of 1976, having discovered in February of 1976, he had a BAD 'Spin Code' number.  The case was originally filed in the US District Court, Northern District of New York, Syracuse.  

He has been fighting this case on behalf of all veterans and has been instrumental in having D.O.D.  change the DD-214 many times to prevent future damage to other veterans.

Beginning JUNE 11, 1956, under D.O.D. Instruction 1336.3,  DOD ordered the military departments to begin putting a coded number on the main employment reference document of veterans. This document known as the DD-214 is intended to be presented to employers by veterans seeking employment and benefits.

According to Plaintiff's Exhibit NO: 6, D.O.D. Instruction 1336.1, dated September 1, 1966, SUBJECT - Standardization of Forms for Report of Transfer or Discharge of Members of the Armed Forces of the U.S., there were to be 8 or more copies of DD-214 made.  Copy one to the veteran, other copies eventually went to State Adjutant General, VA Data Processing Center, Austin, TX.,  State Director Selective Service, Nat. Military Records Center, St. Louis, Mo.

As of 1977, nearly 20 million veterans had a coded number. This is SHOCKING as in 1974  D.O.D. told Congress that only a couple hundred thousand had a code number.  Moreover, in 1974  DOD told Congress they would stop the " SPN "  coding system, however, in 1972, they were already changing the system to " SPD "  (separation program designator ).  They deceived Congress and the American People.  Millions of veterans with an Honorable Discharge have a " BAD "  coded number."

7 Part Series "THE SECRET CODE ON VETERAN'S DD214" August 2007

 Edwin H. Crosby YouTube Channel:

Edwin H Crosby passed away on March 18, 2019:

This story, as revealed by Mr. Crosby, also reveals that then Delaware Rep. Joe Biden and Arizona Sen John McCain were both involved in the government cover-up at the time (the early 1980s).  In addition, the info of litigation was later presented by Sen Dick Durban to President Barack Obama who also did nothing.

All of this as a result of an SPN Code ("411 Overseas Returnee") on the DD-214 of Mr. Crosby in 1970. WHEN DOUGLAS DIETRICH WAS 4 YEARS OLD!

But I guess that since Mr. Crosby is now deceased, Dietrich will continue to lie and somehow work this into his fake resume as well.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Douglas Dietrich and the Camp Pendleton/MCRD USMC Porn Ring Lie

Douglas Dietrich's Claims:

 - Agreed to appear in USMC "porn movies" as a condition of his "Dishonorable Discharge" from the USMC in 1991.
- Had "illegal orders" to report to Richard K Cole who he said had contacted him by phone, for sex.
- He was personally responsible for exposing a USMC "Gay/Child Porn Ring" involving Marines at MCRD San Diego, and Camp Pendleton and underage boys.
- That he worked with the wives of US Marines involved in exposing the scandal. 
- That he personally informed Police and Marine investigators about "Uncle Rico" aka "Bobby" Luciano Ceballos.

The following news articles from August to October 1993, however, detail a totally different story and essentially refute his own. Most importantly, the investigation found no evidence of extensive Marine involvement.  It also did not show any involvement of Marines assigned to MCRD San Diego, and...

"Child abuse investigators for the Oceanside Police Department announced last week that they were closing an inquiry into a gay male porno production ring because it did not involve underage boys, as detectives had feared."

The three articles I present here as evidence tell a very different story.  One of the first questions I had was how could Dietrich have been personally involved including "working with the wives of Marines" in Oceanside, CA while living in San Francisco.

(See Sources below)

Dietrich's "whereabouts" 1991-1994:

  • Professional acting school/finishing school John Robert Powers school 1991-92
  • DoD Research Librarian/Military Reference Technician Sep 1991-Sep 92
  • SF Police Academy 1992-93
  • “Personal Bodyguard Bottom” for Porno Actresses 1992-94 Executive Security & Investigations Inc
  • Contract policeman at raves – 1993-94. The organization hired underage cops

My whereabouts 1988-1994:

After leaving USMC Active Duty in April 1988 I was exploring employment opportunities in areas near immediate family in New York State. (I had been issued $6,000.00 in US Savings Bonds I had acquired while on active duty). I was a USMC Individual Ready Reservist (IRR) and received orders to report to the Syracuse, NY USMC Reserve Center twice a year until receiving an Honorable Discharge in May 1990.

I chose to move to rural Summer Hill, NY, and was hired by Smith Carona Inc. in August 1988. I worked there as an assembler until major lay-offs began in August 1990. I was receiving extended unemployment benefits when I was offered the opportunity to attend college via the Trade Adjustment Allowance Act,

I enrolled at Tompkins Cortland Community College in the spring of 1991 and earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Communications Studies in 1993.  I then transferred to the SUNY at Cortland as a Junior to study Communications with a minor concentration in History in 1993. I attended SUNY Cortland until 1995. 

During that time I lived in Cortland, NY, completed an internship at the local newspaper The Cortland Standard as a General Assignment Reporter, and worked essentially full time at two restaurants/bars as a dishwasher and line cook.

This refutes Dietrich's claims of my serving as a US Marine in California in 1991 when he claims he received a Dishonorable Discharge. In fact, I was never stationed in California and ended my Active Service obligation from the 2nd Marine Division, Camp Lejeune NC. I did participate in a Combined Arms Excercise (CAX) at 29 Palms, CA in Jan-Feb 1988 after Dietrich had already been tossed out the Marine Corps. 



10 Pendleton Marines Posed Nude, Probe Finds - Los Angeles Times

Leader of Porno Ring Says 500 Marines Involved : Pornography: He says the men appeared in gay videos for the money--and because they are lonely. Corps officials say they have identified no one connected to the films. - Los Angeles Times

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Douglas Dietrich and the Red Undead Banned Book Lie

Is Douglas Dietrich creating another elaborate lie about having published a book in 2015? 

How is it that no one has had evidence of such a book since 2015?  

Why isn't David J. West shown on the book's cover as a co-author as Amazon indicates?

Did Dietrich just post this recently to Amazon? 

I have never heard Dietrich mention this book!  EVER!  What is Dietrich up to? 

Is this an attempt to claim he is a published author? 

Why would this book matter and not an upcoming book series with Peter Moon?

And attempt to find thyself a single extant Copy." (10-7-20)

Amazon book details:

"About the author written by Dietrich himself with no mention of David J. West.

NOTE:  "Createspace Independent Publishing Program June 25, 2015)"

Who is David J. West?

The Title "Red Undead - The untold story of the supernatural Soviets" is NOT listed as one of his books!

ISBN# Search:  Shows publication date of December 2015 (Not June 25, 2015)


Did Dietrich recently "create" a book cover and upload it to the Amazon page?

Beyond Ghosts Episode 45 – Interview with Doug Dietrich about WWII Russian Vampires

Posted by beyondghosts on Wednesday, 2 of December , 2009 at 6:12 am


Dietrich claimed he was "working for the State of California at that time (2009) as a "documents destruction expert."  

Employed a female co-writer who had a nervous break-down dealing with the material.

 - The book was not Registered /Copyrighted by the Library of Congress

- An ISBN# can be either purchased from Bowkers or assigned free of charge by Amazon when published/sold as a Trade Book (paperback).

- An ISBN# can be assigned even before a book is ever written.
- The book is "Out of Print"
- The book has not been listed by any other bookseller but Amazon.
No copies were ever sold and there are no used copies or publications electronically by Kindle.

October 8, 2020

Apparently David J West knows Douglas Dietrich personally:
As he provides a link to Dietrich's website from his own.

UPDATE: October 9

Author David J. West has responded to my query regarding Douglas Dietrich's claim.
I am withholding any further comment until we have communicated further and he consents to my publishing his official response.

At this point, what I can say is that Dietrich has created another elaborate lie regarding this book.  

UPDATE: October 30

The following is the response by author David J. West regarding Dietrich's claims of publishing the book "Red Undead" and it's subsequent "banning" by Amazon.


"I watched those three videos today, very interesting. I had my suspicions but had not done my due diligence. I first heard Douglas when he did Coast to Coast in December 2011 and was interested in what he had to say so I e-mailed him and he soon responded.

He always had so many things to say and was a fascinating person. He had an answer for almost anything. Granted, I did not check him out as you have done.

By 2013 I was divorced and moving on with life, courting my current wife. I was trying to change my life in a positive direction and had less time for Douglas's negative outlook. I would say that the things he said only grew more extreme and I was not always keen to those things.

I had worked on Red Undead in early 2012 to make it palatable to the public but I could not personally find it believable. I was interesting, yes, but like good historical fiction - which was the source of my original interest in Douglas.

I was upset with Lorien Fenton for trying to give me a cheap flat-rate for working on it, so I quit working on the edits of which Douglas was incredibly anal and ridiculous about. You clearly know how he writes and it's just not palatable to the lay audience.

As time went on I spent less and less time talking with him. He said a lot of things publicly that I didn't agree with and soon I felt it best to not have anything more to do with him.

I had to laugh about Doug's assertions about the book. He should know if it was ever published. It wasn't.

I had no idea he dreamt up the conspiracy about it until you showed it to me."

All the best,

David J. West

40 minutes ago

I️ had forgotten I️ had a link to Douglas’s site on my blog because I️ rarely visit it anymore.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Gary D. States Allegations of Forgery Refuted/Explained

VBA Claims Examiner Gary D. States not only accessed my personal identifying information and those of Jonn Liyea, but he also divulged them to DouglasDietrich which is a felony violation of the HIPPA Law.

States mention of the lack of a cover letter in connection to the documents was not because it didn't exist.  I was simply because my name and address were listed on the cover letter which had been sent to me and I did not find it necessary to provide it.

Otherwise, his review of these documents and determination they were fraudulent revealed that he had no idea what he was even looking at.  He could not even identify one of them was actually an NA Form 13164 "Releasable Information Under the Freedom of Information Act" and that the separate document, "List of Duty Assignments" had been prepared by the NARA/NPRC Records Technician who processed my request.

George Dietrich's Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) would not have been in Electronic Format.

His record would have required a physical retrieval by the NPRC Records Technician who processed my request.  The Records Technician would then have used a PDF file of NA Form 13164 to enter his releasable information manually onto the form and then printed it.

In addition, his listing of Duty Assignment would have been manually copied onto a separate attachment and also printed. An official NARA cover letter showing the NARA official logo was provided to me and showed my name and address associating me with the original request.

The letter was signed by the Records Technician who processed my request and the 3 documents mailed to me at that address.

Below is an explanation of the portion of the NA Form 13164 which was blank.

States "brilliantly" observed that the documents had been scanned and/or cropped.  Of course, I scanned them in order to convert them electronically to JPEG image files. 
But unlike the Douglas Dietrich NA Form 13164 Steve Outtrim obtained (which had been improperly cropped and excluded the forms designation on the bottom right), the JPEG images I created were properly cropped and included the forms designation.

The DMDC FOIA obtained by Jonn Lilyea showed no dates of service for Douglas Dietrich because he did not properly submit Dietrich's full name, date of birth or any other descriptors.

Dietrich NA-13164 published by Outtrim and Lilyea

DOD/DMDC Status Report published by Lilyea

The documents I published:
Dietrich NA 13164

Dietrich DOD/DMDC Status Report

The DOD/DMDC report showed only the dates of Dietrich's "Active Duty for Training" for USMC Basic Training prior to his Entry Level Separation.

It does not show any other dates of employment by the DOD as a civilian employee.  This is proof Douglas Dietrich was NEVER employed as a DOD "Research Librarian" at the Presidio.

Instead of requesting his own and/or father's records himself, Douglas Dietrich immediately sought to discredit or disprove them by alleging they had been altered or forged by Jonn Lilyea.  Had Dietrich done so, he could have compared the documents I obtained with those he obtained and would have found them to be identical!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Douglas Duane Dietrich Exposed

Outline for Douglas Dietrich: "Points on The Curve" Interview

(Douglas Dietrich does not hold a copyright claim to this image)
It was published on the internet and any further publication is considered "Fair Use".)

Introduction: First segment

Douglas Duane Dietrich is known for his history of making outrageous claims which are unsubstantiated and easily proven to be false. Dietrich is not a credentialled historian, he is a revisionist with an entirely false persona.

Dietrich describes himself as being a "public informant", "Renegade Military Historian", "DoD Research Librarian", "US Marine", "Mercenary", "SF Police Officer", and the "Biological Son of Adolf Hitler".

Dietrich is a pathological liar, maybe Bi-polar and quite possibly a schizophrenic. Dietrich is a talented speaker but he is also the meanest, nastiest person I have ever investigated. He is manipulative of his closest followers and demands their absolute obedience and loyalty. 

He will use defamation and slander in the sickest, most vicious manner possible when attacking anyone who exposes him or challenges his revisionist narrative of history. Anyone making a negative comment on a YouTube video is considered to be a "gang-stalker" and allied with a Satanic group of people who were being controlled by the late Michael Aquino.

The truth is that Dietrich's entire "personae" is an elaborate fiction which he has spent years creating and maintaining.  It is one of the most elaborate deceptions I have ever encountered.

After exposing his false claims of Military Service in 2016, I have been attacked by Dietrich and his "cult" on a constant basis using defamation and slander, and at one point going as far as using a VA Employee to secretly obtain my Personal Identifying Info and publicly release it repeatedly using his internet radio and YouTube platforms in retaliation.

With the exception of researcher Steven Outtrim, I am the only person to investigate/research his claims and publish the results.

Dietrich has been largely rejected by the Ufology/Conspiracy and Exopolitics community for his lack of credibility and anti-American, anti-Veteran views.

Every public appearance and presentation by Douglas Dietrich since 2008 has been a feeble attempt to convince his audience that the Allies lost WW2 and the Axis won.  His contempt and disdain for his audiences and angry method of delivery is evident in every presentation. 

Slide shown at end of Dietrich's presentations

                                                                 "The End"
                                            "EMBRACE DEFEAT AND GO IN PEACE"

Timeline: The Origin of Douglas Dietrich and the truth about his father's military service.

1. George Joesph Dietrich:  Oct 23, 1919 - March 26, 2007

I have always been careful to uphold the service history of Dietrich's father, George Joseph Dietrich.  But Douglas' pathological lies and unsubstantiated embellishments with regard to his father's military service are legendary.  

Dietrich claims that his father "escaped" Rochester, NY, and an "inevitable future" of working at Eastman Kodak by enlisting in the Navy in 1935 at the age of 16. 

His claim that his father served in the Navy in China on Yangtze River gunboats before WW2 (1935-40)  is untrue.  My findings of the US Census record of 1940 show George Dietrich living in Rochester, NY, and employed as a "pin setter"  at Ridge Alley's making 75.00 per year, and having worked at  Big Oak Dairy Company, a milk processing and delivery company.

George Dietrich was not awarded the Yangtze Service Medal or the  Navy China Service Medal.

Douglas' claim that he retired after he was born in1966 as a Chief Petty Officer  (E-7) is also untrue. (As I will prove later).

George J. Dietrich served honorably from June 1941 to August 1965 and retired at the rank of Petty Officer 1st Class (E-6)

I requested and received releasable information from his father's records under the FOIA  in 2017. Using this information I was able to piece together his WW2 service history.  I have posted these findings, as well as a comparison with Dietrichs' claims on my blog where I specifically noted his being awarded the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal - WWII Ribbon (2 Stars).

A listing of the WW2 engagements and ships was not provided in the FOIA release.  And since the list of assignments showed only a reference to the east coast during WW2, I assumed he had not served in the Pacific.  So I sent the documents to Jonn Lilyea (a former Green Beret and records expert) who concluded he had not.  But Lilyea was incorrect because I researched his awards, and the Asiatic Pacific Medal was evidence of combat action.

Served in Pacific Theater in WW2: 

The award of the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal - WWII Ribbon (2 Stars) indicates that he was in the Pacific Theater of Operations during at least two engagements or operations in which his unit (vessel) was involved.

Navy Good Conduct Medal (7th Award)
American Defense Medal
American Campaign Medal 
Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal - WWII  (2 Stars)
World War II Victory Medal 
World War II Occupation Medal - Navy (Europe clasp)
National Defense Service Medal 
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal 

Note: Good Conduct Medals are awarded every 3 years. He would have been eligible to receive the 8th award in June 1966.

While researching for any information regarding his grandfather, (using I thought I would take advantage of the free trial to see what I could find about his father.  I was able to find two newspaper clippings from the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle dated 15 and 17 July 1945 which mentioned George J. Dietrich and another Rochester, NY sailor as having served on the USS Pittsburgh  (CA-72). 

The USS Pittsburgh trained along the east coast and in the Caribbean until departing Boston on 13 January 1945 for duty in the Pacific. After port calls and transit of the Panama Canal and final gunnery exercises in the Hawaiian Island, she joined TF 58 at Ulithi on 13 February, assigned to TG 58.2 formed around the aircraft carrier USS Lexington.

This indicated that George. Dietrich had been assigned to schools, shore stations and ships on the east coast early in the war, then assigned to the USS Pittsburgh in 1943.  It is US Navy procedure for a ship to be crewed after being "Laid Down".  The crew would have participated in certain stages of its construction during 1943-44  and would have known the ship inside and out. They would then participate in loading the ship and would "Man" the ship on its day of Commission.

After the launching, the ship would have undertaken it's "Shake Down" cruise to the Caribbean and into the Pacific.

Builder:Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation's Fore River ShipyardQuincy, Massachusetts
Laid down:3 February 1943
Launched:22 February 1944
Commissioned:10 October 1944

The two stars associated with his Asiatic Pacific Medal represent the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

Both articles state that S1/c George Dietrich was a cook who had been serving aboard the USS Pittsburgh since its commissioning in November 1944.  The article stated: "George J. Dietrich is known to be as good as his word.  And was able to send his parents a cleverly disguised message in a magazine after the vessel had been towed to Guam."

             NA Form -13164

               Post-WW2 Duty Assignments:

After leaving Okinawa, the USS Pittsburgh was heavily damaged by a Typhoon on June 4, 1945.

"A 104-foot section of bow broke off due to poor plate welds at the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Co. at the Fore River Shipyard, Quincy, Massachusetts, in April 1943.

With a false bow, Pittsburgh left Guam on 24 June 1945 bound for Puget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, Washinton arriving on 16 July. The typhoon-damage  earned her the nickname "Longest Ship in the World" as thousands of miles separated the bow and stern."

Douglas falsely claims his father served on 3 other ships during WW2:

USS Franklin (CV-13):  Commissioned in late January 1944 (Father assigned to Pittsburgh in Jan 1943. USS Pittsburgh towed USS Frankin for 12 hours after it was bombed by a single Japanese aircraft on March 19, 1945.

USS Cowpens CVL-25: Commissioned  in May 1943 (Father assigned to Pittsburgh from Jan 1943)

USS Essex CV-9:  Commissioned Dec 1942, was still operating after Okinawa and raids against Japanese home islands from July to August 1945 as the USS Pittsburgh was arriving in Bremerton, WA in July 1945.

Douglas also claims his father served on the USS Oriskany and witnessed the fire in 1966 - But his father served on the Oriskany only once in 1959 and retired in 1965,

George Dietrich reenlisted in late December 1945 and served on shore stations and vessels on the East Coast during the Korean War.  He earned ratings of Storekeeper and Aviation Storekeeper.  

He was assigned as Storekeeper, Commissary Store, Taipei, Taiwan from Dec 1961 to Feb 1963. A sister, Joyce was born on March 2, 1963. Dietrich says his sister was a "bastardess, born out of wedlock" who looked nothing like his father. But a yearbook photo I found of her clearly shows a resemblance. George Dietrich was married at some point.

George Dietrich returned to Taiwan in 1965, and Douglas Duane Dietrich was born in Taipei, Taiwan on October 20, 1966. 

His father dies in 2007:
After finding no obituary, tribute, or place of burial for George J. Dietrich, I considered that as a retired US Navy veteran, he would have qualified for burial in a VA National Cemetery.  I then conducted a search using the VA "grave locator" function and found George Dietrich listed as having been interred at Butler Center Cemetery, Wolcott, NY.

I ran the same search using the VA "grave locator" using his mother's info and there was no listing. I do not believe his mother was also buried at Butler Center Cemetery.

I don't know how Douglas Dietrich managed to obtain a VA marker reading "WW2, Korea, Vietnam" - because his father's records do not show service in the Korea AO (1950-53) and he was not deployed to the Vietnam AO (WestPAC 1964) and retired August 16, 1965.

George Dietrich was not awarded the Korean Service Medal; Republic of Korea War Service Medal; Vietnam Service Medal or Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal.  

Dietrich seems unaware that I was the one who obtained his father's records, not SFC Jonn Lilyea. His allegations of forgery are simply to distract from his false claims about his father's service, and his retaliation was to use defamation and slander to deter and discredit me.

Dietrich has repeatedly accused me of forging or altering  NARA documents and of desecrating his father's gravesite.

End Of First Segment?

Timeline: Second segment

Sept 1968: Dietrich family arrives in San Francisco, CA.
April 1974: Obtains Naturalized Citizenship
1982: Summer job at Presidio Post Library as Library Aid
1982: Family moves to Oakland, CA
Oct 1986: Enrolls in Delayed Enlistment USMC for 1 yr. Contract PFC (E-2)
Dec 1986: Moves with parents to San Francisco (Green St, Russian Hill)
Oct 1987: Enters USMC Basic Training San Diego MCRD
Jan 1988: Dietrich receives an Entry Level Separation (EAS) Discharge from the USMC 

Dietrich's false claims of service in the US Marine Corps:
NA Form 13164

Dietrich's claims:

- Enlisted in Oct 1989
- Suffered abusive treatment: (Mock firing squads, rocks in boots, denied protective equipment.
- Given NJP and incarcerated for assaulting a Close Combat Instructor (NCO)
- Recycled with a different platoon and abused again.
- Graduated with the rank of L/Cpl (E-3) has also claimed he graduated as Cpl (E-4).
- Promoted to Cpl (E-4) in approx a year or less.
- Deployed to Saudi Arabia Operation Desert Shield/Storm
- Killed two armed Saudi Police with his bare hands while on liberty in Al Jubayl.
- Court Martialled with a reduction in rank to E-3 and returned to duty.
- Given a Dishonorable Discharge in 1991.
- Awarded SSDI for Combat PTSD and damage to lungs from Sarin Gas exposure.
- Holds a Veterans Group Life Insurance Policy ($50,000.00) authorized by the USMC.

Douglas Dietrich did not complete USMC Basic Training and was discharged as an Entry Level Separation (ELS) "Unfit for military service". He served less than  180 days on Active Duty and is therefore NOT a US Veteran.

An ELS is considered the lowest type of discharge and is characterized by having no disciplinary or medical association.  The decision to eliminate Dietrich's Recruit status would have been made by his Senior Drill Instructor after a process of evaluation and intervention.

My educated opinion is that Dietrich had problems in the 2nd Phase (4-8 weeks) and after Rifle Qualification. (Dietrich's Rifle Qual was "Marksman" and the lowest level). The last part of this phase would also have involved intensive and difficult field training in full combat gear. Including a "Platoon Hump" (forced march for about 10 miles).

Knowing Dietrich's being 5'6" and estimated as being between 125 lbs. or less, this phase of training may have proven too difficult for him. Note:  The minimum entry-level weight for recruits at the time was 105 lbs. and was later increased to 135 lbs. 

If Dietrich had problems, he would have been evaluated and removed from his initial recruit platoon /schedule and placed in a separate Platoon of Recruits being evaluated/considered for discharge in a Recruit Separations Platoon (RSP). The average time for processing an ELS recruit was 15-30 days. So if Dietrich was being evaluated at the end of 2nd Phase (8 weeks) he would likely have been processed for discharge in 2-4 weeks. 

This explains his being "active duty for training" for 3 months and discharged as an ELS at the rank he had contracted, E-2. The final decision to reject Dietrich would have been made by Dietrich's Recruit Series Commander.

Presidio Post Library:

- Hired at age 16 (1982-1989), GED in 1983.
- Incinerated Documents (The "Burn Man")
- Promoted to DoD Research librarian in two years. 
- Liaison to Michael Aquino
- 1991 until Post Closes in 1992-94.


- Dietrich was never a Military Dependent
- Limited access to the Post until the age of 18.
-The Post Library was intended for Soldiers and their dependents living on Post.
- The Post Library was operated by Civilian workers hired by the DoD.
- The relatively small library was approx. 5,000 sq ft.
- No Basement in the Post Library
- No incinerator/chimney at the Post Library
- No Classified Documents maintained at the Post Library
- No late-night "Burn Man"
- No Satanic Rituals 
- No ancient occult grimoire in refrigerated safes
- Dietrich lacked the educational requirement for full Librarian (MS - Library Science)
- DoD "Military Research Librarian" does not exist 
- M16's did NOT have wooden stocks EVER
- No tunnels from Presidio to Los Angeles (300 miles)

End of Second Segment?

Whereabouts of Aquino: Third segment

Child abuse scandal and SRA:

Dietrich claims he was responsible for exposing the scandal and the eventual closure of the Presidio.

Michael Aquino consistently denied ever knowing or being involved in any way with Dietrich until his death on Sept 1, 2019.  His book:  Extreme Prejudice: The Presidio "Satanic Abuse" Scam, contains information that refutes Dietrich's story.

- No evidence Dietrich was involved as an informant or contributed to the investigation
- No evidence Michael Aquino was involved
- Prosecutors and counselors were found to have influenced children to lie.

- Dietrich spent years developing his stories.
- Dietrich stalked C2C Radio and called into the show many times.
- Dietrich first appears on C2C in December 2008 and again in 2011.
- Begins to speak at various UFO conferences etc
- Claimed to be writing a book that was never written

Japan won the war/Roswell Japanese POW's
Pearl Harbor was a "preliminary strike" because the AVG planned to bomb Japan on Dec 8"

Dietrich probably got the idea from an article in Soldier of Fortune Magazine in 1989.

Tigers of a Different Stripe: FDR’s Secret plan to Torch Japan by Don McLean (pp 66-93).

The Soldier of Fortune story was discussed in an article originally published in Liberty Bell, The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor by Professor Revilo P Oliver (July 1989)

1st AVG Flying Tigers and July 1941 YB-355 No such plans, no combat with Japs until Dec 20, 1941. It was simply a plan to send aircraft and pilots to China (allowed recruiting of pilots via a front company on Military bases). Pappy Boyington and others.

66 Lockheed Hudson Bombers were never sent because of Pearl Harbor - Bombers were flown to Canada for dismantling and shipment to Britain in 1942.  There was no 2ndAVG and the 1stAVG was ended in 1942 with pilots returning to US Military.

Dietrich says the AVG was illegal:  NO.  We had similar arrangements with France in WW1 with eh Lafayette Escadrille and the British RAF in WW2

The AVG pilots were officially members of the Republic of China Air Force. The group had contracts with salaries ranging from $250 a month for a mechanic to $750 for a squadron commander, roughly three times what they had been making in the U.S. forces. While it accepted some civilian volunteers for its headquarters and ground crew, the AVG recruited most of its staff from the U.S. military.

The Flying Tigers began to arrive in China in April 1941. The group first saw combat on 20 December 1941, 12 days after Pearl Harbor (local time). It demonstrated innovative tactical victories when the news in the U.S. was filled with little more than stories of defeat at the hands of the Japanese forces and achieved such notable success during the lowest period of the war for both the U.S. and the Allied Forces as to give hope to America that it might eventually defeat Japan. AVG pilots earned official credit and received combat bonuses for destroying 296 enemy aircraft, while losing only 14 pilots in combat.[1] The combat records of the AVG still exist and researchers have found them credible.[2] On 4 July 1942 the AVG was disbanded and replaced by the 23rd Fighter Group of the United States Army Air Forces, which was later absorbed into the U.S. Fourteenth Air Force with General Chennault as commander.

Loughton Currie was not a Soviet Spy.  Did not warn Richard Sorge.  Sorge was captured Oct 41 and executed in Nov 1944, not Nov 1941 as Dietrich claims.

Neither the JB-355 memo nor the letter from Currie to Madame Chang Kai Chek mentions a Dec 8th attack. Dietrich claims to have actually destroyed the JB-355 document as part of his employment at the Presidio: In a 1991 20/20 feature story they specifically mention how the document was de-classified in the 70’s. It was located in the National Archive in Washington DC.

JB-355 Memo July 1941

I present this information on my YT channel @Gunner65.

Japanese surrender aboard USS Missouri was fake:

Because "the flag displayed was backward and stars upside down *satanic", Japs did not have swords", etc,

All Japanese Officer swords had already been surrendered or seized prior to the official ceremony aboard the USS Missouri.   It's common knowledge that World War II formally ended with the signing of the Instrument of Surrender aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on Sept. 2, 1945.

The flag which was displayed on the starboard veranda deck of the USS Missouri was the same flag flown by Commodore Mathew Perry's ship in 1853-54 during the forced opening of Japanese ports to foreign trade.

This report refutes Dietrich's claim that the courier slept for 2 days and missed the ceremony.

Flyboys World War II Perry Flag Flight By Scott Spangler on July 1st, 2019

"Until just before the surrender, the Perry flag was on display at a museum at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Someone thought its display at the surrender was significant enough to entrust it to a courier, Lt. John Bremyer. Starting from Annapolis, he took off from Iwo Jima on August 29, 1945, “the last leg of a record-breaking120-hour, 9,500-mile-long trip that had taken him through 12 time zones.”

It turns out that there was no dedicated flight, which was slightly disappointing. On the other hand, I learned about a Priority One (or One Priority) World War II military travel voucher, which guaranteed a seat on the next airplane, regardless of type or what passenger got bumped, going in the right direction. When he reported to work that morning, he didn’t expect the assignment.

Bremyer was in the air that evening, headed to San Francisco. From there he took the next plane to Hawaii, then Johnston Island, Kwajalein, Guam, and then Iwo Jima. There “they were going to put me on a destroyer, but that would take too long, so I got on a Black Cat PBY” that took him to Tokyo Bay, where a whaleboat from the Missouri collected him and Perry’s flag.

Bremyer watched the proceedings from above the main deck. He carried the flag, as well as news releases, photographs, and motion picture film of the surrender back to Washington. “I got on a PBM Martin Mariner seaplane back to Guam and basically followed the same route back to San Francisco,” the 85-year-old veteran remembered.

The flag was displayed backward, and the stars not "upside-down" as Dietrich claims, but with it's "reverse side" showing.  All US flags which are on the right of an object, aircraft, ship or person are displayed with the star field to the upper right corner so the flag appears to be heading forward.

"Two American flags were hoisted on the deck for the surrender ceremony in 1945. One had flown on the mast of Commodore Matthew Perry's ship when he sailed into Tokyo Bay in 1853 to encourage Japan to open its ports to foreign trade.

Nearly a century later, that flag was so fragile that the conservator at the Naval Academy Museum directed that a protective backing be sewn on it, leaving its "wrong side" visible. The flag was flown that way for the surrender ceremony, and that's why its replica appears that way on the Missouri today."

The flag is neither illegal nor improper.  According to USC Title 4: "Definition of flag- stars," There is no legal stipulation regarding the type of orientation of stars on the US flag.  A later Presidential Executive Order that details the specifications for US flags used by the Federal Government states the points should "face upward".  It is, however, not law.

In fact, a similar star pattern is also seen on the original "Star-Spangled Banner" The stars are oriented in a "back and forth" pattern row to row.  The points on top are slightly canted to "the fly," the second row toward "the hoist, and so on. A pattern in those days referred to as "dancing stars."

Treaty of San Francisco and the Security Treaty are proof US "Sued for Peace"

The Treaty of San Francisco, also called the Treaty of Peace with Japan, re-established peaceful relations between Japan and the Allied Powers after World War IIIt was officially signed by 49 nations on September 8, 1951, in San Francisco, California at the War Memorial Opera House.[1] It came into force on April 28, 1952, and officially ended the American-led Allied Occupation of Japan. According to Article 11 of the treaty, Japan accepts the judgments of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East and of other Allied War Crimes Courts imposed on Japan both within and outside Japan.[2]
This treaty served to officially end Japan's position as an imperial power, to allocate compensation to Allied civilians and former prisoners of war who had suffered Japanese war crimes during World War II, and to end the Allied post-war occupation of Japan and return full sovereignty to that nation. This treaty made extensive use of the United Nations Charter[3] and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights[4] to enunciate the Allies' goals.
This treaty, along with the Security Treaty signed that same day, is said to mark the beginning of the San Francisco System; this term, coined by historian John W. Dower, signifies the effects of Japan's relationship with the United States and its role in the international arena as determined by these two treaties and is used to discuss the ways in which these effects have governed Japan's post-war history.
This treaty also introduced the problem of the legal status of Taiwan due to its lack of specificity as to what country Taiwan was to be surrendered, and hence some supporters of Taiwan independence argue that the sovereignty of Taiwan is still undetermined.

The United Nations was created in 1940 at the Presidio:

the United Nations was not created at the Presidio.  It was created at Dumbarton Oaks, Georgetown  near Washington DC in 1944,

1945: The San Francisco Conference:

In the spring of 1945, the United Nations had its San Francisco Conference (UN Conference on International Organization) first organizing assembly there at the War Memorial Opera House. The UN Charter was later drafted and signed in the Herbst Theatre next door. Six years later in 1951, the Treaty of San Francisco, declaring peace with Japan was drafted and signed there and in the Herbst Theatre.

End of third Segment?

Dec 2013: Interviewed on GCN by the late Joyce Riley (first aware)
2014: Revolution Radio (2hr show) twice a week.
2015: Created a YT channel with Rose Dio posts radio shows.
May 2016:  I start researching in order to submit a FOIA
June 2016: I discover Steve Outtrims research  on Dietrich
July 2016: Outtrim obtains NA 13164 on Dietrich
I submit a request for both Dietrich's records
Dec 2016: Dietrich attacks Outtrim and me
2016 Dietrich Claims he killed his own Grandfather
July 2017: Dietrich doxes me and SFC Jonn Lilya
Sept 2017: VAOIG begins an investigation ending in Nov.
May 2018: Dietrich is fired from Revolution Radio
July 2018: Dietrich fired from American Freedom Radio
Oct 2018: Dietrich WordPress site removed for doxing my info.
Dec 2018: Dietrich claims to be the son of Adolf Hitler

Public Doxing by Dietrich and VAOIG Investigation: 

Electronic Audio Evidence: Veterans Administration Office of the Inspector General (VAOIG) September 2, 2017 - REDACTED

Public Release of Personal Identifying Information of Jonn V, Lilyea and Richard K. Cole, Jr, by Douglas Duane Dietrich (Revolution Radio) and Gary D. States (VBA Muskogee, OK) 6-27-17 to 8-1-17

From June - August 2017:  Dietrich attacks me and SFC Jonn Lilyea for exposing him.  Accuses Lilyea of forging Federal documents.  Uses VBA employee Gary D. States (Muskogee, OK VBA) to access our VA records and obtain  Personal Identifying Information SSNs, phones, addresses, disability ratings, dates of service, etc.

States alleged documents were altered and/or forged.  He noted that there was no cover page to accompany the documents. That is because I did not include it as it contained my personal address.  I believe I still have the cover letter. States had no idea what he was looking at.  George Dietrich's Duty Assignments was a separate, previously typed page that had been scanned from his record.

The document States said he could not identify was a NA 13164.  The bottom portion of that form (official use only) is blank.  This is known as the "casualty box" which contains info of that person being KIA.  Since Geroge Dietrich was not KIA, that section was blank.

Dietrich also claimed that the NA 13164 of his record had been altered to show dates of 1987-88 and repeated his claim of having served from 1989-91.

VAOIG Report and Investigation Sept-Nov 2017:

I submitted a complaint to the VAOIG which resulted in a VAOIG investigation.  I also contacted the Privacy Officer at VBA in Muskogee and sent him my account of the incident and CDs of the recorded original audio as evidence.

The OIG then turned over the investigation to VBA Muskogee to resolve themselves.
At that point, I became concerned (for obvious reasons) but also because the Privacy Officer I had first dealt with did not receive the evidence I sent. So I went over his head to the Head Privacy Officer who assisted me in submitting the evidence a second time with specific instructions to write "Deliver to___:"  "Do not open in Mailroom".  

But after he reported having received the evidence, he told me the evidence had been sent to the Director of VBA Muskogee and he would no longer be involved with the case.  This indicated to me that the VAOIG had chosen to allow VBA Muskgogee to conduct its own investigation of its own employee.  

The investigation was closed in Nov 2017.  I was informed that they could find no evidence States had accessed our info using VBA computers.  I assumed they were protecting him.  I submitted a FOIA for a copy of the investigation results and my request was denied.

However, the VA published an Adverse Action Report the same week the investigation ended.  That report showed that a "Claims Examiner" at Muskogee, OK VBA was "Removed from that position."

It is my belief than rather than pursue federal charges against States for violations of the HIPPA Act act, (a felony) they chose to remove him from his position with no further disciplinary action.

Adverse Action Reports were challenged by VA unions and discontinued in 2018 because they infringed on the Privacy of employees.

I also found that according to U.S. Federal Government Employee Lookup That as of the end of 2018 Gary D. States remained a GS-9, which contradicts Dietrich's later claim that States had been promoted to a greater position working from home for exposing Lilyea, and that Lilyea was facing federal charges and loss of benefits (untrue) and that Lilya died while attempting a satanic ritual to assassinate Dietrich (also untrue).

Jonn Victor Lilyea (63) died July 26, 2018, after suffering a heart attackLilya had been ill for some time.  He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors.

End of fourth segment ?

Dietrich claims he killed his own Grandfather:

Douglas Dietrich makes the claim he murdered his own grandfather in 1969 at age 3. His grandfather would have been 79 years old.  Dietrich described his grandfather as being ill and in need of constant care and supervision, due to having been "poisoned" for decades with chemicals during his employment at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY.  And that his grandfather was physically and sexually abusive and literally having lost his mind.

Dietrich claims he was the victim of a sexual attack in which Dietrich ripped his grandfather's penis off using his own teeth. He claims his grandfather died within 24-48 hours, but he "isn't sure of this because the police ordered them to leave New York State and return to California to avoid a mob retaliation against him by relatives and  townspeople."  "Who are all infected with chemicals and are the most racist people in the world'

I have already found his grandfather did not die until 1973, and there was evidence Dietrich never went to Wolcott, NY, and was living in California since immigrating from Taiwan in 1968. But I had been unable to find an obituary or cemetery record associated with his grandfather.

Not only have I obtained the obituaries of his grandparent, but also other newspaper notices, 1917-18 Draft Registration and US Census Data from 1925 and 1940.  This information shows an entirely different picture of his grandfather and not only proves he did not die in 1969 but that he died in 1973 after living in Bradenton, Florida for a number of years following the death of his wife in 1963.

Dietrich's' grandfather relocated to Bradenton, Florida sometime after the death of his wife in 1963. A move that would have been unlikely for someone described as being physically and mentally ill. The fact that his body was prepared and transported to the Robert J. Poole funeral home  
in Rochester, NY following his death is also evidence he had been of sound mind.

There were calling hours and a Mass, followed by interment next to his wife at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester, NY.

Biological Son of Hitler:

Mother was a "diplomatic level interpreter" (Born 1923 in Japan)
Part of a Japanese Delegation to Berlin in 1936 (Anticomintern Pact Oct 24-Nov 25)
Introduced to Hitler by Otto Dietrich (relative) and they "became somewhat of an item"
"And yes, they most definitely had sex" -DD
Hitler's semen was collected and preserved and sent to Japan and Unit 731
Mother was a member of Unit 731
Sample taken to China and artificially inseminated in Taiwan Feb 1966.

Facts: The story is false.  Dietrich's mother was age 13 in 1936.

"Roswell and the Rising Sun"

Hirohito sent experimental Jap aircraft to the US and claims he would destroy the US using ballons with bio-weapons.

Japanese POWs were interned at Roswell, tortured, and experimented on,  
Thousands of Jap POWs in the US after the war.
The Roswell incident was Jap Pows blowing up balloons and themselves.
UFOs in Washington seen by Ken Arnold were Japs using aircraft to escape back to Japan
Dietrich has a piece of debris from the crash
Dietrich was involved with a Japanese Roswell Holocaust Museum

UFO Roswell Holocaust Museum and Dietrich

Dietrich holding Roswell crash debris artifact

Facts: Only German POWs were at Roswell until 1945
Only a handful of Japs in the USA in 1945 all were in hospitals in California.  Most began being repatriated in 1944.  Even given clothes and money.

Signing a book contract with Peter Moon:

WW2, Roswell, etc.
Satanism in military, Presidio and Aquino, Dietrich Artilect 

"The Roswell Deception and other WW2 Mysteries"  Stupid title. Roswell had nothing to do with WW2 and it is no mystery that Japan surrendered.

New information from Duncan Rhodes, Editor- Nexus Magazine

Douglas Dietrich's "Australia Nightmare" is another lie.

(I have permission to publish Rhodes response and will do so here)

Hi Richard,

Thanks for persevering with contact. Yes, this is what I learned via Douglas Dietrich 

First up I purchased a DVD for US$30- from his website in December 2011.  I never received the product.

In February 2012I mentioned to Lorien Fenton (Douglas’s ‘manager’ at the time) that I had not received my purchase and she sent it out immediately.  I was discussing with her, the idea of Douglas coming to Australia and being one of the 15 speakers at our Nexus Conference.  At that time I was scheduling the Nexus Conference for July 2013 in Australia.

In may 2012 I engaged in direct email contact with Douglas regarding coming to speak at our 2013 conference, instead of going through his ‘manager’ Lorien.  [NB:  Lorien Fenton is BAD news - she specializes in finding male conspiracy writers and speakers, and inserting herself into their inner circle and then taking it over.  Douglas was the latest in her list of conquests, to which he was oblivious]

Douglas’ address details were :

(E-mail address redacted)

 Douglas Duane Dietrich
        San Francisco, CA,
        United States of America

I offered to pay Douglas return airfare and his hotel accommodation and food while he was at the conference.  This is my standard offer to speakers I invite in from overseas.
Lorien tried to get in on the free ride and accommodation - and because Lorien is so fat, she takes up TWO airline seats. So I told them it was either Douglas alone or nobody.  They backed down, and Douglas provided the following info for his travel details:

a)  Full Name as in my Passport:  Surname: DIETRICH; Given Names: DOUGLAS DUANE;
b)  Passport Number:   REDACTED
c)  DoB (Date of Birth):  October 20th, 1966 (102066);
d)  Date and Place of Passport Issuance: 20 MAY 2013;
e)  Passport Expiration Date: 19 MAY 2023
f)  Physical Residential Mailing Address in the USA:
       Douglas Duane Dietrich,
       San Francisco, CA,

I also told Douglas that I did not want to communicate to him via Lorien and that I did not want to deal with her in any capacity on his behalf whatsoever.  I cannot stress what a nightmare woman Lorien Fenton is.  I almost felt sorry for Douglas, until what happened next.

So Douglas arrives in Australia at Sydney International Airport and catches the connecting flight up to our local Queensland airport at Maroochydore.  

Douglas arrives drunk and high on medication. He has a female with him who is also high and he informs me that they are staying in the same room and that he’ll pay any extra expenses she incurs.

The drugs cause Douglas to become paranoid and hysterical.  He nearly was not able to speak as arranged.  I told him that unless he behaved and did his talk, that all deals were off.  He straightened up and did his talk.

While this was going on, Douglas starting saying that the internal airline people has lost his important personal hand luggage. He said it had all his military papers and medals in it. He claimed he brought them to Australia to prove he was in the military.  Some of my staff commented on how short he was without his platform shoes and wondered how short people got into the army at all.  I believed his narrative about the missing personal baggage - for about 2 days - and then when he left back to the USA - I realized it was a lie.

And sure enough, as soon as he got back to the USA, he started making up the most absurd lies about myself, my conference, and how the Illuminati stole all the evidence he had to prove his military involvement, etc.  I heard him on the radio saying how he was able to physically avoid being in the same room as the evil Steven Greer while at our NEXUS conference in Australia.  But Steven Greer was never physically even in Australia at that time, I skyped him into the conference.  Douglas was so out of it for the conference days that he didn’t realize Greer was not there in person.

The paradox is that Douglas did indeed inject some interesting historical factoids in his narrative, mainly in the first talks and appearances of his.  I was able to verify enough to have confidence in exposing readers to some of his other perspectives.
I certainly did not agree with his conclusions, and in the early days, Douglas was clear about separating his conclusions from the data he claimed to be reading before burning.

My end of day perspective - is that Douglas Dietrich tells lies and is compromised with his drug addictions.  

Hope that is of some help and if you need any further info - don’t hesitate to email back.



Sept 25, 2020

Yeah, Lorien did NOT come to Australia - it was Noreen and she was doing the same drugs as Douglas and getting just as paranoid that the MIBs were coming for them.  I think Lorien had the hots for Douglas and was jealous of Noreen too.

You mention Peter Moon - please be informed that Peter Moon KNOWINGLY published books with false information in them.  I refer to the Montauk books and specifically any mention of Stewart Swerdlow - another fraud and liar.

And yes, you have my permission to use what I sent you.

best regards


End of fifth segment and conclusion?


Over the past two years, I have been contacted by former associates of Dietrich who have divulged the reason(s) for their disavowment of him.  All of them sought to inform me of the truth about their experiences with him and every one of them told me that what he was presenting and saying about them were all lies.  

And in many cases, to offer me an apology for their involvement in his attacking me.
Anyone who has been a member of "Team Dietrich" will tell you that it closely resembles being in a cult.  

Dietrich has also been disavowed by his elder sister who lives 6 miles from him, as well as his extended family in Rochester, NY. He has essentially "sacrificed" his parents by lying about and disavowing them, his father specifically, for the purpose of promoting his fake personae and agenda.

I believe Dietrich is desperate to achieve notoriety and that publishing a series of books with Peter Moon based on his "work" will somehow establish him as being credible.  Dietrich also refers to Moon as his "biographer".

Moon believes that he can repair his own damaged credibility and provide Dietrich with income and fame. He believes they will shock and influence the ufology/exopolitics community with Dietrich's insane revisions of history.  Moon will likely publish this as non-fiction just as he did with the now-debunked Montauk Project hoax.

(Douglas Dietrich and Peter Moon September 6. 2020)