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Dietrich Claims his father killed MSgt John C. Woods in July 1950 on Enewetak Atoll

July 21. 2021

Dietrich has now publicly announced or falsely "accused" his own father of being a murderer.[postimages]/0

From 10:17:30 to 10:24:00 

"MSgt" Woods was a high-school dropout and was discharged by the US Navy after going AWOL before WW2 with a "Psych" Eval and rating that should have prevented him from any further service!  Does that sound familiar?  And the guy was promoted from Private to Master Sergeant in 1944-45 after he lied about being a trained/experienced "hangman".  Wow, how did that guy slip through the cracks?

And it gets even worse.  According to numerous reliable sources, the US Army never got or never attempted to obtain his Navy record and the rest is history.

Dietrich claims that his father was stationed on Enewetak Atoll 

As Dietrich tells it, his father hung out with the German scientists on the island during Operation Paperclip.  And on July 21, 1950, his father "knocked Woods into the water and then handed him a live wire cable and Woods lit up like a lightbulb." 

"My father got away with murder."

But Dietrich is such a piss-poor liar, his latest revision of history makes no sense at all.  (You electricians can correct me,) but I think someone immersed in water would not "light-up" as described, but would boil and spark.  I don't know, but handing someone a live wire into water sounds a bit risky too.

The real version is that Woods was either changing a light bulb or working on a light source and was standing in a "puddle" of water.  Others theorize his manner of death was while working on an electric chair, or assassination by Operation Paperclip German Scientists.

Of course, Douglas Dietrich does not provide any other pertinent details with regard to the incident.  He fails to explain how his father became assigned to shore duty on Enewetak or what his official duties were.  

He quoted his father responding to questions from investigators at the time in a manner inconsistent with anything normally expected from a sailor and suggests that his father committed the murder of Woods as a result of his association with German scientists.

Perhaps these details will begin surfacing as "context" in future embellishments of the tale. But my experience with such details is that they are simply more lies supporting the first lie.

All I know is that George J. Dietrich was nowhere near Enewetak Atoll in July 1950:

His assignment according to his own service record shows him being stationed on the East Coast USA assigned to "RECSTA (Receiving Station) Brooklyn, NY from Jan 1950 to Feb 1951 when he was assigned to "AFSC, Norva" (Norfolk, Virginia).

Further research also proves his fathers' whereabouts while assigned to the Attack Cargo Ship USS Virgo (AKA-20)
from August to November 1949.

And this confirms my finding that his father was serving some of the earliest of his following years in a Navy supply rating after serving as a cook during WW2.

"She completed repairs in August and on the 21st began a series of voyages from the west coast to American bases in the Far East. She carried provisions and stores to bases in the Philippines in the Marianas in Japan and in China. She also made side trips to Okinawa the Admiralty Islands and Korea. That routine lasted until the latter half of 1949. In October 1949 she began an overhaul at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard which lasted until the beginning of 1950. Between 7 February and 31 March 1950 the attack cargo ship made a round-trip voyage from Oakland to Guam and back to San Diego. On 25 April she departed San Diego for a voyage to the east coast of the United States. During that voyage she transited the Panama Canal and visited both Bayonne N.J. and Norfolk Va. She returned to the west coast via the Panama Canal once more and arrived back in San Diego on 17 July."

"While Virgo visited the east coast conflict broke out in the Far East once again. On 25 June troops of communist North Korea invaded the Republic of Korea (ROK) to the south. The United States and later the United Nations responded with support for South Korea against the aggressors. Thus Virgo soon found herself supporting combat forces once more. On 19 August she departed Port Chicago Calif. with Navy passengers embarked and with a load of ammunition bound ultimately for Korea. She stopped at Sasebo Japan from 6 to 15 September and then headed for Inchon Korea. She arrived at Inchon on the 16th the day following the amphibious landing carried out there. She remained in the Korean war zone first at Inchon and later at Jinsen Ko for about three weeks. During that time the attack cargo ship provisioned minesweepers a Canadian destroyer an American destroyer and supplied ammunition to the troops ashore. She departed Korea on 7 October and returned to Japan where she visited Sasebo and Yokosuka before heading back to the United States on 1 November. After a stop at Pearl Harbor the ship arrived in San Francisco on 19 November and began repairs at the Pacific Repair Co."

This reinforces my refutation of Dietrich's latest BS claim because it too shows "context" while disproving his utterly insane bullshit!

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Douglas Dietrich and The Evans F. Carlson "commie" USMC Lie

Life Magazine, September 1943

Dietrich claims that WW2 began on December 12, 1937 in Nanking, China "following an attack on a peace conference between the Japanese and Chinese which began on Dec 11. "

1:28:00- 1:39:30

Dietrich claims that US Marines under the command of then Capt. Evans Fordyce Carlson 

disguised themselves as "communist guerrillas" in black "coolie" Chinese clothes and attacked the Japanese, destroying the peace negotiations and resulting in the Japanese attacking and sinking the USS Panay (PR5)

and the HMS Ladybird

and HMS Bee

Dietrich further asserted that the "action" by Carlson (and by extension the United States and Great Britain) resulted in the Japanese attack and massacre of Nanking.

I will be refuting Dietrich's recent claim in an upcoming blog post, paying considerable attention to the history and whereabouts of Carlson at that time, and the nature and extent of his previous involvement in China.

I am awaiting a response from Primary Sources and am required to do quite a bit of reading and searching.

Note:  This claim against Carlson and the USMC by Dietrich is unprecedented 

Despite over 80 years of meticulous historical documentation and accusations that Carlson was a communist.  I have not found any reference to Carlson being in command of a surreptitious Marine Corps unit in China in 1937 or that the Japanese interrogated anyone who had participated in such action or had implicated Carlson in any attempt to organize such an attack on the Japanese. 

In fact, the historical record shows it was the Japanese who had given the Chinese an ultimatum to surrender or face attack in no uncertain terms even as they continued to attack and invade.

Dietrich has also claimed the "Flying Tigers" (Ist AVG) were illegal and that the document "JB-355" is proof the US intended to bomb mainland Japan on December 8. 1941.

(A document he also claims to have incinerated in the basement of the Presidio Post Library in the 1980s as a teenage DoD Librarian which he read about in an article in Soldier of Fortune Magazine that later surfaced in  the National Archives and had brief national attention.)

A library that had no basement and no incinerator.

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Douglas Dietrich continues to plagiarize 2014 Youssef Boudlal photo of Yazidi girl


Dietrich Claims he took this Photo of a Yazidi girl when he was in Iraq in 1988. He also claims the girl was offered to him as a child bride by the Yazidi.

This is an edited and re-published post from August 27, 2018

Dietrich first made the claim in August 2018 in a Facebook post that showed a closely-cropped version of the photo. (The original post is no longer available on Dietrich's Facebook timeline).


Cropped image posted by Douglas Dietrich

But the image is not the work of Douglas Dietrich:

Photograph by: Youssef Boudlal, National Geographic 
Date Taken:   Aug 13, 2014
Date Uploaded:   Apr 28, 2015
Camera:   Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Focal Length:   200 mm
Shutter Speed:   1/400 sec
Aperture:   f/4
ISO:   200
Copyright: © Youssef Boudlal

Photo by Youssef Boudlal/Reuters

A young Yazidi girl rests at the Iraq-Syrian border. Photo by Youssef Boudlal/Reuters

"A girl from the minority Yazidi sect, fleeing the violence in the Iraqi town of Sinjar, rests at the Iraqi-Syrian border, August 13, 2014. I remember the scene well. It was the day that I arrived at the Iraqi-Syrian border crossing of Faysh Khabur. With shocked, sunburnt faces, men, women and children in dirt-caked clothes were struggling in temperatures of over 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit), waiting patiently for local Kurdish aid."

Boudlal described the encounter in a brief article written for Reuters titled "A Brief Encounter with a fleeing Yazidi"

"I was drawn to her wild beauty in this terrible situation."

This a clear and flagrant infringement of copyright law.

According to Boudlal, the images were taken not in Sinjar or Ninevah, as Dietrich claims, but at the border crossing of Faysh Khabur, which lies in Dohuk, part of the semi-autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq.

Dietrich is also incorrect in claiming that the ancient city of Ninevah was located near Sinjar.  The Yazidi were fleeing Sinjar to Syria and stopped at the Syrian border crossing about 100 KM Northeast of Sinjar. 

The ruins of ancient Ninevah are located near Mosul which is 100 KM East of Sinjar and 100 KM Southeast of Faysh Khabur. Dietrich is not only a sloppy liar, he is a piss-poor researcher/historian.

My research proves that Douglas Dietrich has never traveled to Iraq and received an Entry Level Separation Discharge from the US Marine Corps in January 1988.

Boudlal is an award-winning photojournalist who worked for Reuters at the time. The photo, one of many Boudlal took that day in 2014, was featured on the cover of Jewish Journal on Feb 9. 2017, and was also featured by National Geographic Magazine.

Dietrich continues to make the false claim now (2021), three years later, despite overwhelming contradicting evidence. And now adds an interesting embellishment to his previous lie:

"Light at Opportune Angle as Sourcing from the arched radius window halōed in-nimbus ô’‘ērhead the M(iste)r DOUGLAS DUANE DIETRICH and Here captured in the E(lectronically)-(a)ttached Photo(graphic) Image (To The Re/Viewer’s Right, opposite that Photograph [To The Re/Viewer’s Left], wherebe E-ttached one ‘o’ the Mr Douglas Dietrich’s own Photos ‘o’ a young girl from the Tribe-‘o’-“Ŷǣƶīdî”, the seven thousand year[s]-aulden Cult[ure]-‘o’-Worshippers ‘o’the  “Devil-Angel” “Meīlīek Ṭāw’‘oȗs”] – True Luciferans afore there was any Monolotry ô’‘ēr the surface ‘o’ the World; captured in Photographic Image onsite Şingjara - Nineveh nearsite the Ruins ‘o’ PfAƵUƵUa as brought into public awareness by “THE EXORCIST"

Dietrich refers to the 1973 film The Exorcist in all of his posts associated with this claim.

Dietrich also claims the person in the second photo is actually himself, standing under a window which he claims "lighted his subject", the Yazidi girl, as he took the photograph. He mixes and confounds both images in a very bizarre way, including his claim of having the very rare condition of Kawasaki Disease Syndrome (blood-red eyes) as an adult. But this is another example of Dietrich's history of portraying himself as the "Peacock Angel".

"The Yazīdī cosmogony holds that a supreme creator god made the world and then ended his involvement with it, leaving it in the control of seven divine beings. The chief divine being is Malak Ṭāʾūs (“Peacock Angel”), who is worshipped in the form of a peacock. Malak Ṭāʾūs has often been identified by outsiders with the Judeo-Christian figure of Satan, causing the Yazīdīs to be inaccurately described as Devil worshippers."


The image Dietrich claims to be of himself in 1988, is actually of one of his favorite Asian cosplayers, "Hakken" taken in 2019 in Melbourne, Australia during "Animaga Expo 2019"

The second image Dietrich is plagiarizing was actually taken in the Royal Exhibition Building (Museum) in Melbourne.  The window can be seen clearly at the lower center of this photograph.  

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The World War II Yellow Fever Vaccination Lie

Dietrich's publisher Peter Moon recently appeared as a guest with Penny Bradley "Global Enlightenment Radio Network Channel 2"


Moon is as rude as Dietrich during this interview.  He stutters his way through the interview, getting dates wrong, (Battle of LA: "1945")  It should be obvious to anyone who fact-checks this pathetic load of bullshit, let alone a credentialed historian, that Moon does not care about the truth.

He did not investigate Dietrich's deceptively false revisions of history.  Had he done so, he would know the book they have created is not worth the paper it is printed on. He is willingly complicit in the lies and deception.

Moon openly lies to Bradley when he states the book is a work of non-fiction. The Copyright is presented as follows:

Copyright © 2021 Douglas Dietrich and Peter Moon All rights reserved- Published April 15, 2021

"The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author."

- Clearly classifying the content of the book as FICTION!

Moon (aka Vincent Barbarick) highlights one of the most easily disproven of Dietrich's claims: 
That the Japanese were thought to have used bioweapons over LA (Yellow Fever) and an "experimental vaccine was hastily created to inoculate US troops, and 50,000 died and 3o0,000 were medically discharged as a result of the bad vaccine".

According to Dietrich, this would have been an elimination of 50% of the troops in the US Army in early 1942. 

"On 17 June 1941 the Army was expanded to 280,000 men and nine days later to 375,000. On 16 September the National Guard units were absorbed into the Army and Roosevelt persuaded Congress to pass the Selective Service Act; by July 1941, 606,915 men were inducted into the Army. New units were usually formed around the regular or National Guard formations. At first there were 27 divisions, nine regular and 18 National Guard; there were also two armored divisions and a further three completing their training.

American mobilization proceeded fairly smoothly before the outbreak of war in December 1941. Thereafter, the strain inflicted by the early disasters in the Pacific and the demand for continued expansion proved too much. The War Department originally believed that it could mobilize three or four divisions per month after March 1942, but this rate could not be kept up; by the end of December 1942 only 42 of the planned 73 divisions had been mobilized".

Dietrich's version of the history of WW2 is a compilation of lies, omitted facts, and assertions twisted together.  He offers no substantive evidence for anything claiming he destroyed the documents while working at the Presidio Post Library.  (A library that had no basement and no incinerator).

The following quotations are presented for the purpose of education, review, and discussion in accordance with Fair Use Copyright Law.

"Knowing well the history of Hideyo Noguchi, they readily concluded, quite incorrectly, that the Japanese must have put the yellow fever virus into an aerosol form and sprayed the contagion over Los Angeles.  The immediate result of this errant conclusion was that the military locked down Los Angeles into a quarantine zone and did not allow anyone to leave the city.  Further still, in a misguided and crazy attempt to protect their own military men and soldiers from dying, they injected their own troops with a yellow fever vaccine that was not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)".  

A vaccine created from aborted babies and adult cadavers:

"In other words, it did not work.  It also had disastrous side effects. After developing a vaccine out of aborted babies and adult cadavers, the application of it unleashed a horrendous outbreak of hepatitis amongst the military, killing over 50,000 of their own men with over 300,000 additional personnel being severed from military service as a result of permanently debilitating illness.  You can learn about this in accessible history. 

"The incompetence of the United States military high command in issuing that order to vaccinate the troops resulted in an extensive cover-up for the express purpose of hiding their own mistakes that resulted in massive deaths and mass-mustering out of their own men".

"The Battle of Los Angeles was the greatest victory of World War Two by the Japanese because, without dropping a single bomb and without firing a single round, Hirohito had not only struck abject fear into the hearts of his enemy, they panicked to the point of rampant self-destruction, killing and/or permanently disabling their own soldiers by the hundreds of thousands".

"When the Treaty of San Francisco was officially signed in 1951, thus ending the war between the Allies and Japan, Emperor Hirohito handed the yellow fever vaccine over to the Americans and said words to the effect of: “Here — you can have this since you killed so many of your own men with something with which you didn’t know you were working.”

(Dietrich, Douglas; Moon, Peter. The Roswell Deception and the Demystification of World War II (p. 155 - 157). Sky Books. Kindle Edition). 

This is so blatantly false it is pathetic. 

In reality, it was first thought a Hepatitis infection had resulted from the use of human serum for the vaccine. Inoculation of US troops in the USA and overseas began in the Fall of 1941 after a Yellow Fever outbreak in Asia. Within two months, cases of jaundice were being reported in the mainland US and Hawaii. Afterward, the type of serum used was discontinued by the US Surgeon General.

At any rate, the outbreak was studied again 40 years later and it was discovered that it likely resulted from a shortage of, and sharing of needles by US troops.

According to the 2017 American War and Military Operations Casualties: Lists and Statistics by the Congressional Research Service, the total number of US Army deaths in WW2 was 318,274 with 234,874 combat deaths. 83,400 were listed as "other deaths." 

And as my research will prove, nearly 50,000 were affected  (not 350,000), and only 84 deaths resulted from the 1941-42 Yellow Fever vaccine. 

WW2 Casualties:

World World War II Hepatitis Outbreak Was Biggest in History

BOSTON (AP) _ The hepatitis B virus was responsible for an outbreak of jaundice that struck 50,000 soldiers after they received yellow fever vaccines during World War II, a report today concludes.

The virus was long suspected to be the cause of the illness, but this was not confirmed until doctors sampled the blood of veterans two years ago. They estimate that as many as 330,000 soldiers may have been infected with hepatitis B spread by tainted vaccines, making it the biggest such outbreak ever recorded.

The researchers were surprised to find that few of those exposed to the virus still carried it in their bodies, even though there was evidence of prior infection.

The study was conducted to learn the long-term consequences of a hepatitis infection in otherwise healthy men. The research was directed by Dr. Leonard B. Seeff of the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Washington and published in today’s New England Journal of Medicine.

The outbreak was blamed on yellow fever vaccine that was made with human blood serum. Some of the blood serum was contaminated with hepatitis B.

The researchers estimate that 427,000 doses were drawn from the contaminated lots of vaccine. Perhaps 330,000 men were infected with or exposed to the hepatitis B virus over a six-month period in 1941 and 1942, and about 1 in 7 of them became sick.

Ordinarily experts expect that about 5 to 10 percent of those infected will continue to carry the virus in their bodies throughout their lives. However, of those tested in the follow-up study, only about one-quarter of 1 percent still had the virus.

They are not sure why this was so low. But they said it might have been because the men were healthy and only exposed once to the virus. The men also were white; studies have found whites are less likely than Asians and blacks to be carriers of the virus.

In the follow-up, conducted in 1985, doctors tested the blood of 597 veterans who had been in the Army in 1942.


It was only a few months after the declaration of war in December 1941 that the most extensive outbreak of serum hepatitis ever to be recorded in military history broke out among U.S. troops both in the United States and abroad. This outbreak of "jaundice" in the Army, which began in February 1942, was the cause of great concern to the Medical Department and particularly to the Preventive Medicine Service, Office of the Surgeon General. Not the least of its disconcerting features was the fact that it was so unexpected, and also that some 4 or 5 weeks elapsed before there was general acceptance of the fact that it was actually homologous serum jaundice following vaccination for yellow fever and perhaps not due to attenuated yellow fever virus.18

In brief, the events were as follows: In February 1942, an increased incidence of jaundice in the Army of the United States was reported to the Preventive Medicine Service of the Office of the Surgeon General. By March it was evident that a widespread epidemic was imminent, and it was soon apparent that the epidemic was not limited to the continental United States but was occurring simultaneously in troops in such widely separated regions as Hawaii, the Southwest Pacific, Alaska, Iceland, and England. 

For 4 or 5 weeks, the nature of this outbreak was in doubt, but data submitted by a team of the Army Epidemiological Board seemed conclusively to exclude toxic agents or contacts with infected civilians as causes and established statistically a causal relationship between the administration of certain lots of yellow fever vaccine which had been given 2 or 3 months previously. On the basis of this information and an analysis of reports from various affected units, The Surgeon General, on 15 April 1942, discontinued the administration of serum-containing yellow fever vaccine. 

At that time it seemed possible that an icterogenic agent, perhaps the unknown cause of infectious hepatitis, had been introduced into the vaccine by way of the human serum used in its preparation. Subsequently, this was abundantly proved. A serum-free vaccine was substituted in April 1942, and no jaundice that was proved to be associated with yellow fever vaccination, per se, developed subsequently in recipients of this vaccine.

This data is from the US Army Medical Department - 

Office of Medical History


The extent of the postvaccinal epidemic

"The total number of infectious hepatitis cases reported during 1942 is provisionally set at 49,233 for the total U.S. Army (chart 3). Of these, 33,569 were reported from the continental United States, and 15,664 from overseas theaters. Although the vast majority of these cases were probably due to the vaccine-born infection, it is impossible actually to determine how many were postvaccinal. However, the type of epidemic curve in 1942 certainly suggests that the great majority of these cases followed the use of the yellow fever vaccine. "

CHART 3.-Reported weekly admissions for jaundice (essentially serum hepatitis) in the total U.S. Army, 1 January to 31 December 1942


Extent of the postvaccinal epidemic (cont)

CHART 3.-Reported weekly admissions for jaundice (essentially serum hepatitis) in the total U.S. Army, 1 January to 31 December 1942


Table 45 contains data concerning admissions for and deaths due to infectious hepatitis and serum hepatitis in 1942 in the various areas. The size of this epidemic of serum hepatitis can be visualized also from a glance at chart 3, which shows the reported admissions of jaundice in troops in the total U.S. Army during 1942. The shape of the epidemic curve and the fact that it occurred out of season are obviously related to the manner in which the Army's vaccination program against yellow fever was carried out.

TABLE 45.-Admissions for and deaths due to infectious hepatitis and serum hepatitis in the U.S. Army, by theater or area, 1942 shows:
Total Army (Continental USA): 33,569
(Overseas): 15,664

Total Army: 49,233
Deaths: 84

"In 1942 during World War II there was an outbreak of hepatitis among the soldiers within the first 4 months of pearl harbor due to the sharing of yellow fever vaccine needles. Although the vaccine for yellow fever was discovered another problem had arisen from the sharing of the needles. While soldiers were supplied with an abundance of ‘17D’ there was a shortage of needles which resulted in needles being used by multiple people. The exchange of blood caused most of the soldiers to contract hepatitis but in their situation, it was better than getting yellow fever."

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Book Review: The Roswell Deception and the Demystification of World War II: Douglas Dietrich, Peter Moon. Sky Books April 15, 2021

 Dietrich's "book" is worse than I expected:

My review submitted to

(Verified Purchase)
1.0 out of 5 stars

Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2021

Fiction disguised and presented as non-fiction.

"This book is a deception within itself having little to do about the Roswell Incident and more to do with claiming the Japanese won World War Two.

Most of the known unfounded and subsequently refuted claims by Dietrich about the Japanese and WW2 are included. But no attempt whatever was made to provide any further substantiation in the form of evidence. For example, the claims about the Perry flag displayed on the USS Missouri at the surrender ceremony, the content(s) of the Treaty of San Francisco and Security Treaty, the tactical objective of Marcus Island, the invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and the existence of Japanese submarines operating on the East Coast of the US are not backed with any convincing evidence. Rather, they are presented in the same argumentative and emphatic manner as Dietrich's shows and earlier presentations, with Moon (as the writer) offering his own obvious attitude of contempt for established history.

It is well known that Peter Moon essentially wrote the book after editing Dietrich's previously unreadable, illegible ranting screeds and revised transcriptions of Dietrich's previous shows, excerpts, and presentations. But Moon's rambling, repetitive and disorganized style of writing is apparent. The chapters are essentially brief but lack an organized structure that frequently dwells on unsubstantiated facts then reverts to a repetition of others, sometimes in connected or adjoining paragraphs.

The tenuous connections to Japanese POWs interned at Roswell are replete with falsehoods. Although there were Japanese internment camps in New Mexico, the majority were occupied by Americans of Japanese descent and not POWs. In fact, the POWs nearest to Roswell were German, not Japanese.

Examples of other erroneous claims are the images of a Japanese man plagued with Leprosy whom they falsely assert was a Yakuza, POW, and surviving victim of the Roswell crash, and the story of an Indonesian born citizen of the Netherlands captured by the Japanese as a boy (11) in 1943, whom they claim was a survivor of the Bataan Death March in the Philippines in 1942.

Despite Moon's long history of writing and publishing, this "work" is poorly written and constructed and will not likely survive a higher level of a more credentialed historical scrutiny than my own".

As I have repeatedly stated, I expected they would present Dietrich's content using a work of fiction disguised as historical non-fiction, and they have done exactly that.  

The book offers few, if any, attributions to reliable or accessible (linked or paged books in or out of print) sources and is neither footnoted nor provides a bibliography of works cited.

The Copyright is listed as follows:

Copyright © 2021 Douglas Dietrich and Peter Moon All rights reserved- Published April 15, 2021

"The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author."

 - Clearly classifying the content of the book as FICTION!

"No part of this book may be reproduced, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without express written permission of the publisher."

Dietrich, Douglas; Moon, Peter. The Roswell Deception and the Demystification of World War II (p. 2). Sky Books. Kindle Edition.

The book was published to Amazon using Kindel and the publisher (Moon) setting an "export limit" of 15%.  Meaning Kindel users who purchase the book are allowed to download 15% of its content.

It is well known that Peter Moon essentially wrote the book after editing Dietrich's previously unreadable, illegible ranting screeds.  And revising transcriptions of Dietrich's previous shows, excerpts, and presentations.  But Moon's rambling, repetitive and disorganized style of writing is apparent.  The chapters are essentially brief but lack an organized structure that frequently dwells on unsubstantiated facts then reverts to the repetition (of others), sometimes in connected paragraphs.

Most of the known unfounded and subsequently refuted claims by Dietrich about the Japanese and WW2 are included.  But no attempt whatever was made to provide any further substantiation in the form of evidence.  For example, the claims about the Perry flag displayed on the USS Missouri at the surrender ceremony, the content(s) of the Treaty of San Francisco and Security Treaty, the tactical objective of Marcus Island, the invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and the existence of Japanese submarines operating on the East Coast of the US are not backed with any convincing evidence. Rather, they are presented in the same argumentative and emphatic manner as Dietrich's shows and earlier presentations, with Moon (as the writer) offering his own obvious attitude of contempt for the established history.

Although most of Dietrich's claims about the war in the Pacific are included in this pathetic work of fiction, his claim that the USS Indianapolis was sunk by Japanese "occult" weapons, is noticeably absent.

Moon writes in his preface to the book:

"It is normal and routine for any reasonably well educated person in today’s world to believe that the Japanese lost World War II, unconditionally surrendering to the Allied Powers on September 2, 1945 in a signed ceremony aboard the U.S.S. Missouri.  While there was indeed a ceremony on that date aboard the Missouri, nothing could be further than the truth about an unconditional surrender or a genuine surrender of any kind.  The idea of an unconditional surrender or even a Japanese surrender is a myth that was very cleverly created by the Office of War Information..."

(Dietrich, Douglas; Moon, Peter. The Roswell Deception and the Demystification of World War II (p. 6). Sky Books. Kindle Edition.)

Of course, Dietrich has his own "preface" of sorts as a disclaimer:

"I have been monitored by interested parties who perceive themselves to be threatened by what I expose.  This includes being trolled extensively on the internet and having the telephone/cable box outside by home routinely doctored with different technology.  These claims are well documented.  If what I have to offer can just be laughed off as speculative hearsay, there would be no motive for the extent of monitoring and gang-stalking that is directed at me. What I offer to you here can be validated by doing your own research."

"In the end, you yourself and the other readers will serve as the collective jury, all of which will determine the relative impact this book will have on the world at large."

(Dietrich, Douglas; Moon, Peter. The Roswell Deception and the Demystification of World War II (p. 17). Sky Books. Kindle Edition.)

Although Dietrich still contends the Roswell Incident involved Japanese "aircraft" and "POWs" he has toned that down by describing the "alien" pilots as Japanese Yakuza - who were POWs.

In one example, I demonstrate how easily most of the claims made in the book can be refuted. Dietrich provided images of a Japanese man he claims was a surviving POW of the Roswell Crash, who was horribly disfigured after being tortured by his American captors.

From Chapter 35:
"Below is a Japanese prisoner of war who was tortured by the Americans.  His extensive burns suggest he was an actual survivor from the Roswell crash"

(Dietrich, Douglas; Moon, Peter. The Roswell Deception and the Demystification of World War II (p. 347). Sky Books. Kindle Edition.)

Toshizo Nagamine:

On 29 October 2017, the website “We Are Left Alone” publishes an article entitled “ Hiroshima Survivor Today He is 127 years old. Scientists Shocked: "Radiation made him immortal" "exceeding 8,000 shares:  Searching online for " Hitomi Tanaka " and Hiroshima we do not find any confirmation of the above story, rather the name is associated with a Japanese porn diva. Furthermore, there is no " Japan Scientific Research University ".

The man in the photos was called Tetsuo Sakurai, a Japanese poet suffering from leprosy  ( Hansen's disease ) often quoted on the website  and died in 2011  at the age of 87:

"Unfortunately, many websites continue to associate him as a victim of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The photos date back to 2002 when he was a guest on a television program of the NHK TV channel".

This reference shows Tetsuo Sakuri (at age 17) as having been admitted to a sanitorium with Leprosy in October 1941,

Tetsuo Sakurai Yearbook:

Born July 10, 1924 in Myodozaki, Tsuruta-cho, Kitatsugaru-gun, Aomori Prefecture
April 1931 Entered Myodozaki Branch School of Mizumoto Village Mizumoto Normal Elementary School
March 1939 Graduated from Mizumoto Village Mizumoto Normal Elementary School High School
October 1941 National Sanatorium Kurio Rakusenen Enrolled
1953 Blindness
1983 Kurio Poetry Joined
1985 Catholic
November 1988 Poetry "Tsugaru no
Komoriuta" January 1991 Poetry "Kinyo"
May 1994 Poetry "Unrequited Flower" Excerpt ”
August 1996 Sanbunshu“ Blind King Story ”(collected“ Kuon no Hana ”etc.)
April 2000 Poetry Collection“ Thai Butterfly ”
Visit Busan, Korea from May 27, 2001 for 5 nights and 6 days
January 2002 Poetry collection "Unoie"
February 14, 2002 NHK Sogo TV Ningen Document> Appeared in "Into the Light of Tsugaru Hometown"

"Originally published in the WHO Goodwill Ambassador’s Newsletter for the Elimination of Leprosy, Issue No. 12 (February 2005). The information was correct and current at the time of publication."

"After being diagnosed with leprosy, Tetsuo Sakurai was forced to leave home at the age of 15. He didn’t return for more than 60 years.

Tetsuo Sakurai was born Toshizo Nagamine in 1924 in Myodo-zaki, a small village in Tsugaru in the far north of Japan’s main island of Honshu. 

In 1941 Toshizo entered Kuryu Rakusenen, one of 13 sanatoria established by the Japanese government between 1909 and 1945, and was given the new name, Tetsuo Sakurai."

If I can research the origin of this man and refute Dietrich's claim by proving he was nowhere near the US before, during, or after WW2, anyone can.

Dietrich never even cites his actual name! Moon should receive much of the blame and scrutiny for this book as he is the editor and publisher. Because he knows damn well that none of it is true.

Another example of an absolute falsehood presented by Dietrich is the story of Wouter Hobe.

In the book, Dietrich presents Hobe as being an American POW captured by the Japanese on Bataan in 1942. He presents a few emails between Hobe and himself, "as evidence". When these images are enlarged, however, there are no references to Bataan at all. 

Hobe, a Dutch citizen born on Java,  was captured at the age of 11 and interned in several camps as a prisoner of the Japanese in the Dutch East Indies (Java) from 1943-45. He returned to the Netherlands in 1947 and emigrated to Canada with his wife in 1959.

Dutch boy POW in Indonesia 1943

Wouter Hobe said the statue of the boy is in Holland and represents how he and many of the children appeared while in captivity on Java, Dutch East Indies.  Anyone fact-checking this claim will quickly find that Hobe was an eleven-year-old Dutch boy living on the Island of Java, and not a US Serviceman serving in the Philippines when captured.

Hobe's own recounting of his experience is published in the book as "Appendix C" and ironically, is also a refutation of the claims Dietrich makes about him in the book!  This is an example of how sloppy a liar Dietrich really is.

Dietrich also claims that thousands of US Soldiers and Marines died after forced exposure to high levels of radiation during the occupation of Japan.  He even offers this source which contradicts his own claims!

Personnel doses:

"Dose reconstructions are based on (1) residual radiation measurements, documented and published shortly after the bombings, (2) extensive review and analysis of the residual radioactivity in ensuing decades, (3) veteran activities, (4) the documented arrival and departure dates of each military unit which operated in the vicinity of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, (5) and potential fallout contact exposure. Doses received by veterans at Nagasaki were generally low; the approximate maximum external dose based on a presence for entire interval from September 16, 1945, to July 1, 1946, is 1.25 rem. 

Potential exposure to occupation troops assigned to Hiroshima was markedly lower due to radioactive decay prior to the delayed October 6, 1945, entry into the city. External doses received by Kumamoto POWs for the interval from detonation on August 9, 1945, to a repatriation date of approximately September 23, 1945, is < 1 rem. Skin dose estimates for these POWs assume lack of sheltering and continuous contact with fallout contaminated surfaces since the POWs slept on the ground."

The book also contains various (brief) references to Michael Aquino which Moon uses to set up his reference for another book concerning Dietrich and the Presidio.  Of course, I expected this to be exactly what it is, but am a bit stunned to discover it is worse than I expected. Despite Barbarick's (Moon) long history of writing and publishing, this "work" is poorly written and constructed and will not likely survive a higher level of a more credentialed scrutiny than my own.


April 25, 2021

Dietrich incited his cult monkeys to report my review of his book as "terrorism".

At 1:51:50, Dietrich said a reviewer named Aron Tice and Peter Moon wrote to him claiming I had reported Aron's review which was subsequently removed. This is not true. In fact, there were two 5-Star reviews at that time, and I had also published a more detailed review on my blog. I was concerned more with editing my review in order to make it brief while also observing Amazon's Community Guidelines, than the other reviews because I had already expected all of Dietrich's monkeys would post 5-Star comments lauding Dietrich as a brave, irrefutable revisionist (and I was right).

They further asserted that my review "took the book off the market" and "no one could purchase the Kindel version".  Also, not true.

"Richard K Cole has the power to move mountains as a chaos champion and he has all the cult behind him," Dietrich said.  "He has bottomless resources so he is not a petty problem to be dismissed."  "We will have to discuss this privately (Moon and Dietrich) because Richard Cole is now Peter Moon's problem."

"Everyone must report him and complain because it is terrorism" - Douglas Dietrich

At 2:02:00: "The more people report it, Amazon will take the review down" - Salaman Shiekh

"People don't want to hear that Japan won the war, they rebel"...They (Dietrich's monkeys) could create a new identity and start making reviews under a different name. How the hell do they (Amazon) know?" - Peter Moon

Since then I have noticed someone indicated my review was "helpful". Rather than address the actual content of my review, which accurately describes the pathetic, disorganized way the book was written and refutes specific topics in Dietrich's book using easily obtained evidence, they incite his followers to remove my review by "gangstalking" it and claiming it is an act of terrorism!

Here are Amazon's guidelines:

Customer Reviews

You can submit reviews for items listed on Amazon. We encourage you to share your opinions, both favorable and unfavorable.

Customer Reviews help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

Customer Reviews should give customers genuine product feedback from fellow shoppers. We have a zero tolerance policy for any review designed to mislead or manipulate customers.

We don't allow anyone to write reviews as a form of promotion.

The following are types of reviews that we don't allow and will remove:

A review by someone who has a direct or indirect financial interest in the product.
A review by someone perceived to have a close personal relationship with the product's owner, author, or artist.
A review by the product manufacturer, posing as an unbiased shopper.
Multiple negative reviews for the same product from one customer.
A review in exchange for monetary reward.
A review of a game in exchange for bonus in-game credits.
A negative review from a seller on a competitor's product.
A positive review from an artist on a peer's album in exchange for receiving a positive review from them.

Meanwhile, Moon is still "proofreading" the paper-back version before sending it to the printer and admits finding a slew of errors he had to correct!  He has estimated it might be 6-8 weeks before the printed version is available for sale.

Totally bizarre. 

In a recent interview with Penny Bradley, Dietrich continued to talk about Moon in disparaging ways.  Dietrich said he had argued against the books title etc, and that both intended it as being a non-fiction book. But after "printing" the Kindel version, which clearly shows his own copyright as being a work of fiction, Moon denied it saying he "didn't put that in there".  ::)  Bradley clearly wrote she would interview Dietrich to discuss his POS book, but Dietrich had other ideas.

Dietrich said it was a waste of time and a "reiteration" after the Moon interview, which he said was "dry" and might better have been a rebuking of Dietrich for being such an asshole during the year it was being written.  And when he discovered Bradley would not release her control of the interview, Dietrich made it a fucking circus freak fanfest of blood-drinking, crossdressing, and various other bullshit.  The live interview had several interruptions and never exceeded 10 viewers.  It was a total joke.  Bradley has published it to YouTube in 3 parts, removing the live chat replay!

Dietrich now rightly claims there is another work of fiction available with the same title. The Roswell Deception by Bob Aronson (2017) is certainly science fiction.

"The future of mankind is a billion years ago. If the secrets contained in two spaceships can be unlocked mankind will take a giant leap from the 21st to the 26th century.

The Roswell Deception is a science fiction story about the accidental discovery of two massive spaceships hundreds of feet underground in Lechuguilla Cave in the Carlsbad Caverns just 100 miles from Roswell, New Mexico. The ships are not alien rather, they are from Earth's Sarann Civilization from one-billion years ago.

The 1947 discovery and the crash of a UFO at Roswell happen almost simultaneously. The government uses Roswell to keep attention away from Lechuguilla. But -- it all begins to unravel in the early 21st century when Dr. Rayce Madisson, President Nancie Fitzgerald and a hologram named Whitfield combine forces to try to save the planet.

Heroes and villains abound in a saga that is filled with intrigue, double crosses, political chicanery, unbelievable science and technology, and a space battle of epic proportions. The surprises keep coming until the very last page."

But a second book of the same title also exists, and it is an expertly written work of historical non-fiction.  The Roswell Deception by James Carrion (2018) does not seem available on Amazon, (that's why Dietrich has not found it).  If Dietrich does know about it, he is deceptively keeping his listeners away from it as he does not name either author.

" In his latest work, The Roswell Deception, writer, researcher, former intelligence analyst, and former MUFON International Director James Carrion further lays out his hypothesis of human deception surrounding the now famous UFO Summer of '47 and, particularly, the Roswell incident. Readers unfamiliar with Carrion's previous work, Anachronism, will find themselves better informed of the dynamics and proposed possibilities if they read it before diving into The Roswell Deception."

The Carrion Roswell Deception is 523 pages and heavily end-noted with over 800 citations that are presented in a Bibliography of 25 pages!  Truly astounding. You can read the book for free here:

Dietrich is so disgusted with his own book that he says he intends to have Peter Moon "re-release the book under a new title with a bunch of other stuff I can add in"  (Good luck with that.)